Couch Cleaning Services

Couch Cleaning Services in Cape Town

Quality Cleaning for Your Sofa, Couch, Stool, Chair & Furniture

Canterbury Deep Cleaning is ready to return your furnishings to fresh, clean, and comfortable ones. Our Hot Water Extraction method is unparalleled, eliminating that old tired look and feel. Whether it’s the favorite recliner that is always dirty or a micro fibber sectional that needs to be cleaned and refreshed, our professional cleaning technicians will revitalize your homes look and feel.

Upholstery cleaning service includes the cleaning of upholstery and furniture in order for customers to acquire the cleanest home possible.  Our trained professional technicians have the right equipment and expertise to give your furnishings a thorough, deep-down cleaning, which is much more effective than just vacuum cleaning..

Your draperies are cleaned where they hang eliminating the inconvenience of taking them down and out of your home. Some very fine and delicate items, such as hand-made oriental and wool rugs or upholstered furniture require extra handling and care.

Many of today’s decorator fabrics including leather, velvet, Haitian cotton, and cotton prints require special attention. That’s why we offer a wide range of exclusive in-home cleaning services. Our professionals will make sure that your fine furnishings will get the great care you deserve.

Mattress Cleaning

Couch Cleaning Services South Africa

Do you ever wake up with a runny nose, watery eyes, headache or other typical allergy symptoms?

Chances are these symptoms are caused by dust mites that feed on the dead skin cells we shed while we sleep. Dander, dust mites, and bacteria are just a few of the reasons that your mattress should be cleaned regularly. Of course, as we all know, having a mattress cleaned on a regular basis is a chore, and many of us wait until it’s too late. However, our mattress cleaning service will actually help you revive your mattress and make it look, feel, and smell brand new again. Using shampoo, steam, and dry cleaning methods, we’re able to penetrate deep into your fabric, sterilize the mattress fibre, and ensure it dries quickly.

We recommend a mattress cleaning twice a year if you suffer from allergies caused by dust mites. If you flip your mattress on a regular basis it is necessary to clean both sides. If you do not flip the mattresses it may only be necessary to clean the side you sleep on.